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Too Many

My colleague asked me to do a summary about what the current issues are with psychology, for a national committee he is a member of. I produced a 3 page document (in Swedish), with some of the main points. Headed … Continue reading

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The mathematics of the Mosh Pit

The things I throw in my “to look more at” folder. The maths of the mosh pit. Just have to collect that more permanently.

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Two blog-posts on sample-size

Aaaah – summer. And I can catch up!  I have had these two blog posts open in tabs for weeks, because I want to have them linked in my blog. (That way I know I can find them again). From … Continue reading

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Small world, with interactive graphs

I like network theory and small world and all those Duncan Watts things (And Steven Strogatz). Wish I had the time to get better at it! (My summer is over-booked as it is. One can dream). But, this is a … Continue reading

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Attempting to Prime.

Late last millennium, in the limestone clad psychology building on 10th street in Bloomington, I tried to prime. This was a project growing out of the concerns in the Niedenthal lab at the time. She, and all her minions had … Continue reading

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Building a better psychological science, APS in May

This looks great. What a line-up. Alas that I cannot go. Maybe we can fix psychology…

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In which I muse even more about science vs. philosphy to try to get to grips with why I still feel so bothered.

A long time ago. Well, actually last September, I cursorily followed a debate between biologists and a philosopher – well, my favorite silverback John Wilkins (again). The gist of it (n my mildly biased view, but go read) is that … Continue reading

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Semi-automated Hypothesis Generation

I’ve linked in Bradley Voytek’s blog before, and on this topic – big data – now, how do we get hypotheses out of it?  He and his wife are about to publish one such method, and he describes it, and … Continue reading

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Virtual Labs

I entered here through Chaos.  The beauty of determinism without prediction.  Yes, Julia sets and Mandelbrot sets were beautiful too – even more beautiful when I could replicate them with my first attempt at basic programming.  But, it was really … Continue reading

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