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Random Penguins

Warren Ellis lamented on Twitter that the new book company will not be called Random Penguins. Which just made me associate to a couple of years back, when my old grad-school friends occasionally shared penguin clips on face-book. Who knows … Continue reading

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A bit on snakes, and a snake blog.

I did some never published work on attentional capture and creepy crawly things like Snakes and Spiders. The results were… Inconclusive. (I wrote something about that on my other blog, way back). Last summer, about this time, I visited Australia … Continue reading

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A classic emotion experiment that would never pass todays IRB

When I teach emotion and emotional facial expression, I frequently start with this Landis paper. And, here is a nice summary of that paper, with pictures of the faces they photographed. And, the method that they employed long before there … Continue reading

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Emotions – preamble to thinking about them ecologically

I’m thinking about emotion. This is something I’ve done for a long time. What I really want is to move towards an ecological/dynamic view of them, which I have always thought was the thing to do. Emotion researchers have dipped … Continue reading

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Some hazy metaphorical thoughts on improving science inspired by game theory and emotions.

I brought with me Robert Franks Passion within Reason (another tip from Jason Collins) on my trip to Brussels. I was reading it, as I was waiting for the symposium to start (and waiting for Daniel Lakens to show up), … Continue reading

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Emotion english doesn’t have a word for (but we still know what they are)

Well, as I’m supposedly an Emotion Researcher, this caught me. Very cool zoomable posters showing emotions that have names in other languages (but not english – in some cases in Swedish, but not always), and how they are related to … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror in my brain

There has been some mirror-neuron skepticism flurries between some of my Tweet followees (and buddies), such as Andrew Wilson, Uta Frith, Ed Young, Neuroskeptic and sarcastic-f (neurocritic).  And others.  Andrew is the buddy there.  And this piece critical of mirror-neurons … Continue reading

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