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Some ramblings about Paleofantasy.

I ordered Marlene Zuk’s ”Paleofantasy” just about as soon as I heard about it. I’m not sure who is responsible for the introduction, but I suspect Jason Collins, who provides lots of reading tips. He also linked in a couple … Continue reading

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Building a better psychological science, APS in May

This looks great. What a line-up. Alas that I cannot go. Maybe we can fix psychology…

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In which I muse even more about science vs. philosphy to try to get to grips with why I still feel so bothered.

A long time ago. Well, actually last September, I cursorily followed a debate between biologists and a philosopher – well, my favorite silverback John Wilkins (again). The gist of it (n my mildly biased view, but go read) is that … Continue reading

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Tal Yarkoni’s Neurosynth

Originally posted on Åse Fixes Science:
Tom Hartley flagged this one on Twitter. (I follow Tal also, but don’t always pick up on things – ah, information overload).  For sharing fMRI data – for those who read this who do…

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Registered Replication Reports are open for submissions!

Originally posted on Alex Holcombe's blog:
Science is broken; let’s fix it. This has been my mantra for some years now, and today we are launching an initiative aimed squarely at one of science’s biggest problems. The problem is…

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