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Social media makes us social, not lonely.

Zeynep Tufecki’s article in the Atlantic is a great antidote to the “social media is making us lonely” shouts. What is lovely is that she also cites research on social media (as she is a social media researcher). As she … Continue reading

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Telling-Lies-to Children, Putting the Hollywood Gloss on it, or just wrong?

Kitty Genovese and Phinneas Gage are kind of the origination stories of Psychology. Along with Milgram, they turn up in the textbooks as the real events inspiring the science. But, as this blog points out, the stories are incorrect. As … Continue reading

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Academic Gangs

Melissa Raven tweeted this 1995 Thomas Sheff paper. I think a lot of people in academia will recognize at least some of this (as he acknowledges).  Science is done by primates, with all the primate concerns.  The argument seems related … Continue reading

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…one magical moment from kether to malkut

I think I’m beginning to have a bit of a brain-crush on Neuroskeptic. Here is his post on how to read scientific papers.

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Mirror Mirror in my brain

There has been some mirror-neuron skepticism flurries between some of my Tweet followees (and buddies), such as Andrew Wilson, Uta Frith, Ed Young, Neuroskeptic and sarcastic-f (neurocritic).  And others.  Andrew is the buddy there.  And this piece critical of mirror-neurons … Continue reading

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Scale of the Universe

I’m a geek. I like science far outside the science I actually do. I love scales. They are impossible to think about. Here’s a neat demonstration for that, which I just had to link in. Scale

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Bamse Bamse Spindel!

They have created a virtual spider.  To treat spider Phobia.  Using Microsoft Kinnect, and some kind of glasses, that makes me think of Gibson’s Locative Art in Spook Country.  Now I want it to play with.   

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Peer review – what is it good for?

That is what Bradley Voytek asks in this blog post, from his blog Oscillatory thought.  And, in extension (to some degree), what are those static journals for, now that we can discuss things quickly via the net? He links in … Continue reading

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The impossibility of thinking about Intelligence. Explored, not solved.

Intelligence.  Highly valued, and, my god, how it seems to induce crappy thinking in myriad people who probably are quite on the high end of it.  Murray talks about bubbles, and, forgive me, this is terribly second hand because I … Continue reading

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Virtual Labs

I entered here through Chaos.  The beauty of determinism without prediction.  Yes, Julia sets and Mandelbrot sets were beautiful too – even more beautiful when I could replicate them with my first attempt at basic programming.  But, it was really … Continue reading

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