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Donald: Srull and Wyer’s ambiguously hostile character – a reading.

In my Advanced Social Psychology class, the presenting student selected Srull & Wyer’s ”The role of category accessibility in the interpretation of information about persons: Some determinants and implications” as his classic empirical paper. That is the “Donald” paper, ancestor … Continue reading

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Culture Clashes

The first thing I was asked to do for my job as a lecturer/assistant Professor at Lund University was to schedule my course. This was in March, I was still doing my post-doc in South Bend, and the course was … Continue reading

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2014 reflected in the rearview mirror.

Recency effect strikes. This fall, I felt tired, beleaguered, and inundated with chores, which makes me feel like nothing was accomplished. I got nothing done on my attempt to do a meta-analysis (dormant since may). I had things I wanted … Continue reading

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