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Too Many

My colleague asked me to do a summary about what the current issues are with psychology, for a national committee he is a member of. I produced a 3 page document (in Swedish), with some of the main points. Headed … Continue reading

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Let’s start with some Lakatos

Originally posted on Åse Fixes Science:
This is the second fall that I have taught theory of science to the masters students. And, as this is more an avocation than the center of what I’m supposed to research (but I…

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Another discussion on paradigms.

Well, this morning, @cathyby in my twitterstream linked to this discussion on paradigms. Meanwhile, I’m listening to the original.

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Doing the Paradigm Shift

Way back when, in the Wonderland that is LA, I had a roommate? Buddy? who was smart, and goofy and intense and funny. He wrote a song “doing the paradigm shift”, which I think he sang for us once, possibly … Continue reading

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In which I muse even more about science vs. philosphy to try to get to grips with why I still feel so bothered.

A long time ago. Well, actually last September, I cursorily followed a debate between biologists and a philosopher – well, my favorite silverback John Wilkins (again). The gist of it (n my mildly biased view, but go read) is that … Continue reading

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