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Too Many

My colleague asked me to do a summary about what the current issues are with psychology, for a national committee he is a member of. I produced a 3 page document (in Swedish), with some of the main points. Headed … Continue reading

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Two blog-posts on sample-size

Aaaah – summer. And I can catch up!  I have had these two blog posts open in tabs for weeks, because I want to have them linked in my blog. (That way I know I can find them again). From … Continue reading

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On stereotypes. Or perhaps effect sizes. Or possibly how to think about psychology which I do a lot with very little progress.

Back in grad-school I was the TA for the upper level Social Psychology course. The teacher, Ed Hirt, would assign 2-page papers for the students to write, on some particular topic in Soc Psych, usually asking them to relate the … Continue reading

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Trivers, Blowing the Whistle

I linked in Rober Trivers blog post on him blowing the whistle on research he was involved in, and his subsequent mistreatment. A follow-up here from Nature, basically confirming the issue with the research he was complaining about. As I … Continue reading

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Some hazy metaphorical thoughts on improving science inspired by game theory and emotions.

I brought with me Robert Franks Passion within Reason (another tip from Jason Collins) on my trip to Brussels. I was reading it, as I was waiting for the symposium to start (and waiting for Daniel Lakens to show up), … Continue reading

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Continued musings inspired by the Shanks lecture

Whatever my quibbles with David Shanks, I agree with the main point of his talk, which is a clear demonstration about the problems we face in reliability when more positive than null results are published, and replications end up in … Continue reading

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Fixing Psychology, and discussing Peer review

I’m back from (and recovered from) my conference (really, it was a lot of fun, but a lot of fun with a lot of real life people makes me exhausted for days), and now I have some structural procrastination time. … Continue reading

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Peer review – what is it good for?

That is what Bradley Voytek asks in this blog post, from his blog Oscillatory thought.  And, in extension (to some degree), what are those static journals for, now that we can discuss things quickly via the net? He links in … Continue reading

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Well – the first part of the investigation into which Stapel papers are based on fraudulent data is up.  Still reeling from this.

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