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Donald: Srull and Wyer’s ambiguously hostile character – a reading.

In my Advanced Social Psychology class, the presenting student selected Srull & Wyer’s ”The role of category accessibility in the interpretation of information about persons: Some determinants and implications” as his classic empirical paper. That is the “Donald” paper, ancestor … Continue reading

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You may be born here, but you’re not one of us.

I visited my parents who live in a little village up in the province of Dalarna. It is situated on one of the branches of the river running through it. Very picturesque. My mother was born there. In fact, they … Continue reading

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Heider and Simmel animation.

Jason Goldman blogged (in March!) about the Heider & Simmel animation. About that same time I participated in our film and psychology workshop (for which I have to write a paper, which I’m currently avoiding by blogging), where it was … Continue reading

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Innocent Blue Eyes

Early in the year I blogged on Karel Kleisner et al’s paper on eye-color and trustworthiness. I was very happy when two of my very talented masters-students decided they wanted to pursue the question for a Social psychology project. I … Continue reading

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Music, Social Proof, Appeal and Peer-review.

A 1982 BBs paper on peer review from Peters & Ceci is making the rounds on Twitter. The gist is that they submitted already published papers, with altered author names, to scientific journals, and received rejections that had nothing to … Continue reading

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On stereotypes. Or perhaps effect sizes. Or possibly how to think about psychology which I do a lot with very little progress.

Back in grad-school I was the TA for the upper level Social Psychology course. The teacher, Ed Hirt, would assign 2-page papers for the students to write, on some particular topic in Soc Psych, usually asking them to relate the … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, I was only allowed to eat candy on Saturdays. My parents had the rule to spare my teeth. But, of course, other parents had different rules. Somehow this bothered me – people who ate candy … Continue reading

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Modern Prejudice? Expanding the territory to good old ingroup favoritism and liking.

I’m as grumpy as grumpy cat looks for the moment. Probably mostly to do with it being latish in the day, and some mild infection, and I’ll be all chirpy in the morning again. But, this piece annoyed me. Greenwald … Continue reading

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Continued musings inspired by the Shanks lecture

Whatever my quibbles with David Shanks, I agree with the main point of his talk, which is a clear demonstration about the problems we face in reliability when more positive than null results are published, and replications end up in … Continue reading

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On Blue eyes, Trust and base-rates

I have blue eyes. I’m also blonde. In fact, I look stereotypically Swedish, which is what I am (from generations and generations back). Now, hair color can vary quite a bit on swedes, but guessing blue eyes from knowing someone … Continue reading

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