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Some continuous musings on emotion.

I’m trying to think about emotion. Or think about how to think about them. What is a good, fruitful conceptualization. Perhaps, first, in line with Joseph LeDoux one should really jettison the term “Emotion” as it is more of a … Continue reading

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Through the looking glass into an oddly analyzed clinical paper

My curiosity turned me down a dark alley of oddly reported and interpreted statistics. It has fancy things in it, like effect sizes, and even confidence intervals, and “Wilcoxon sign tests” in it, and claims of large effects. Perhaps I’m … Continue reading

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Confidence is in the Action, not the details. (On our recent paper).

Our paper is out! Go check. It is on eye-witness memory (how did I get here?) Here it is. Elsevier, but open access. Farhan is actually my one and only complete Doctoral Student(I was co-advisor). The work is kind of … Continue reading

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