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Small world, with interactive graphs

I like network theory and small world and all those Duncan Watts things (And Steven Strogatz). Wish I had the time to get better at it! (My summer is over-booked as it is. One can dream). But, this is a … Continue reading

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A classic emotion experiment that would never pass todays IRB

When I teach emotion and emotional facial expression, I frequently start with this Landis paper. And, here is a nice summary of that paper, with pictures of the faces they photographed. And, the method that they employed long before there … Continue reading

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Emotions – preamble to thinking about them ecologically

I’m thinking about emotion. This is something I’ve done for a long time. What I really want is to move towards an ecological/dynamic view of them, which I have always thought was the thing to do. Emotion researchers have dipped … Continue reading

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Gravity Hurts – A bionicle interlude

I’m a big Lego fan. I grew up with it. I have memories being three, going with another little 3-year old boy into the bathroom, turning off the lights, and turning on the lego lamp in the little lego house … Continue reading

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