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Donald: Srull and Wyer’s ambiguously hostile character – a reading.

In my Advanced Social Psychology class, the presenting student selected Srull & Wyer’s ”The role of category accessibility in the interpretation of information about persons: Some determinants and implications” as his classic empirical paper. That is the “Donald” paper, ancestor … Continue reading

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Some ramblings about Paleofantasy.

I ordered Marlene Zuk’s ”Paleofantasy” just about as soon as I heard about it. I’m not sure who is responsible for the introduction, but I suspect Jason Collins, who provides lots of reading tips. He also linked in a couple … Continue reading

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Writing a paper: intro, and summary of first background paper

I have to write up my research. And, although I’m capable of writing quite nicely at times, Academic writing paralyzes me. At least the initial writing (I’ve become a decent editor). I figure, maybe I can blog about the papers, … Continue reading

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Create your own economy. Musings on Tyler Cowen’s book

I adore Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen’s and Alex Tabarroc’s blog. Which put me among one of very very many. But, my introduction to TC wasn’t through this blog, it was most likely through Russ Robert’s EconTalk (go listen, it is … Continue reading

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Musings on Trivers The folly of fools

When I first started reading through Trivers ”Folly of fools” I reacted with depression. I’ve never been terribly fond of reading about deception and lying in the literature anyway for probably deeply personal reasons (I’m fond of reminding my students … Continue reading

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