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Modern Prejudice? Expanding the territory to good old ingroup favoritism and liking.

I’m as grumpy as grumpy cat looks for the moment. Probably mostly to do with it being latish in the day, and some mild infection, and I’ll be all chirpy in the morning again. But, this piece annoyed me. Greenwald … Continue reading

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Some hazy metaphorical thoughts on improving science inspired by game theory and emotions.

I brought with me Robert Franks Passion within Reason (another tip from Jason Collins) on my trip to Brussels. I was reading it, as I was waiting for the symposium to start (and waiting for Daniel Lakens to show up), … Continue reading

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My friends over on the humanities side and me are working on some similar ideas to those described in this blog. We have some intresting results, and some further ideas. Remarkably little has been done on something so influential.

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Continued musings inspired by the Shanks lecture

Whatever my quibbles with David Shanks, I agree with the main point of his talk, which is a clear demonstration about the problems we face in reliability when more positive than null results are published, and replications end up in … Continue reading

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Another discussion on paradigms.

Well, this morning, @cathyby in my twitterstream linked to this discussion on paradigms. Meanwhile, I’m listening to the original.

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Doing the Paradigm Shift

Way back when, in the Wonderland that is LA, I had a roommate? Buddy? who was smart, and goofy and intense and funny. He wrote a song “doing the paradigm shift”, which I think he sang for us once, possibly … Continue reading

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I do Braaaaains too…

I sent this link to my ERP buddy – RT being brain-imaging on the cheap. Usually – when I actually get around to do any research outside all the teaching I do, I do RT (I do Signal detection too. … Continue reading

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Attempting to Prime.

Late last millennium, in the limestone clad psychology building on 10th street in Bloomington, I tried to prime. This was a project growing out of the concerns in the Niedenthal lab at the time. She, and all her minions had … Continue reading

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