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What would happen if only kindness was visible?

A few months ago i came across this story, titled strange game. About, well,a multiplayer game, which is created effectively asshole blind. You don’t get monikers (so no asshole handles). You don’t get any nasty behavior. Only help. Only niceness. … Continue reading

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Weird Faces

These are just cool. So I link them in. Maybe I’ll think up a way on doing research on them.  Faces are… Weird.

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MOOC’s interests me. Well, I’m not alone there. I’m not quite sure how to think about them, but I neither want to dismiss nor embrace them. I’m a child of teachers. Consequently, I’ve vicariously observed fashions about how technology will … Continue reading

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Replication and its low allure – can it change?

Andrew Gelman has a good post up called “confirmation, on the other hand, is not sexy”.  And, yes, sure. It isn’t as sexy as the new and counterintuitive stuff. Or something like a very young person discovering some cheapo cure … Continue reading

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Gelman on Preregistrations and Mock Reports

A pdf on suggestions for making science robust from Andrew Gelman. Via James Coyne on Twitter. I had read a brief comment about Mock Reports on Andrew’s blog (without not quite understanding what that meant). Here he explains it. Seems … Continue reading

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Tom Wickens – RIP

I want to be a bit maudlin. I just found out my undergrad responsible advisor Tom died. 70 years old, which is not bad, but still, you know, these days you expect them to hang on for longer. Heck, my … Continue reading

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Honest Science

The open science project for social psychology (hey, let me just remind you, you can join!) is having an interesting discussion about editors/journals role in the systemic issues of science that (perhaps) allowed people like Stapel to thrive. You know, … Continue reading

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On Blue eyes, Trust and base-rates

I have blue eyes. I’m also blonde. In fact, I look stereotypically Swedish, which is what I am (from generations and generations back). Now, hair color can vary quite a bit on swedes, but guessing blue eyes from knowing someone … Continue reading

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Mobile tech for psychologists

Matt Wall linked in this list of apps for psychology. Lots of it is for clinicians, but there is something for us research geeks too. Great list. Speaking of Matt, he has a great page with links to good psych … Continue reading

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More (but final) overly honest methods

Boy, did this have traction. Turned up in Guardian, multiple storify. It is not over yet. Perhaps there will be a long tail. I just wanted to share a blog-post from the person that started it all.

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