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You may be born here, but you’re not one of us.

I visited my parents who live in a little village up in the province of Dalarna. It is situated on one of the branches of the river running through it. Very picturesque. My mother was born there. In fact, they … Continue reading

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Heider and Simmel animation.

Jason Goldman blogged (in March!) about the Heider & Simmel animation. About that same time I participated in our film and psychology workshop (for which I have to write a paper, which I’m currently avoiding by blogging), where it was … Continue reading

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Coding for kids

Just some resources for teaching kids to code. Which, um, I ought to share with my own kids. Coding for Middle School Girls (from Carl Zimmer). How and why teach your kids to code.

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The mathematics of the Mosh Pit

The things I throw in my “to look more at” folder. The maths of the mosh pit. Just have to collect that more permanently.

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Random Penguins

Warren Ellis lamented on Twitter that the new book company will not be called Random Penguins. Which just made me associate to a couple of years back, when my old grad-school friends occasionally shared penguin clips on face-book. Who knows … Continue reading

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A bit on snakes, and a snake blog.

I did some never published work on attentional capture and creepy crawly things like Snakes and Spiders. The results were… Inconclusive. (I wrote something about that on my other blog, way back). Last summer, about this time, I visited Australia … Continue reading

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Film and psychology blogs

Originally posted on Evolutionspsykologi Lund:
So, I’m involved in this too. I think, therefore, I’ll add links to blogs on film and psychology so I can find them again. Art Shimamura’s blog. Tim Smith’s Continuity boy blog. For good measure,…

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Two blog-posts on sample-size

Aaaah – summer. And I can catch up!  I have had these two blog posts open in tabs for weeks, because I want to have them linked in my blog. (That way I know I can find them again). From … Continue reading

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Innocent Blue Eyes

Early in the year I blogged on Karel Kleisner et al’s paper on eye-color and trustworthiness. I was very happy when two of my very talented masters-students decided they wanted to pursue the question for a Social psychology project. I … Continue reading

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