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Music, Social Proof, Appeal and Peer-review.

A 1982 BBs paper on peer review from Peters & Ceci is making the rounds on Twitter. The gist is that they submitted already published papers, with altered author names, to scientific journals, and received rejections that had nothing to … Continue reading

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LA dreaming

I wanted to write something about the affinity between science and the arts. I argued it in highschool (my favorite subjects were physics, psychology, philosophy and poetry – I didn’t think I could paint yet, thus not making a perfect … Continue reading

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On stereotypes. Or perhaps effect sizes. Or possibly how to think about psychology which I do a lot with very little progress.

Back in grad-school I was the TA for the upper level Social Psychology course. The teacher, Ed Hirt, would assign 2-page papers for the students to write, on some particular topic in Soc Psych, usually asking them to relate the … Continue reading

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On ELIZA, Anthropomorphizing and virtual life.

Tim Harford has a nice post summarizing some work on on-line interactions and how (potentially) they affect us. On some results I’m a bit meh, but not having read the studies (because, really, I have tons of other crap to … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, I was only allowed to eat candy on Saturdays. My parents had the rule to spare my teeth. But, of course, other parents had different rules. Somehow this bothered me – people who ate candy … Continue reading

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My night at the opera

I went to the opera with my daughter the other day. The Magic Flute. Wolfie Mozart is always nice to listen to (I have his 40’th as my sound-track right now.) But, man, the view on women… I was talking … Continue reading

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Trivers, Blowing the Whistle

I linked in Rober Trivers blog post on him blowing the whistle on research he was involved in, and his subsequent mistreatment. A follow-up here from Nature, basically confirming the issue with the research he was complaining about. As I … Continue reading

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Animations: This Thing Called Science

Originally posted on Bridge8:
UPDATE: This series won Best Animation in CSIRO’s Scinema 2013 awards. Scinema is an International Festival of Science Film. In 2013 there were over 300 entries. We’re thrilled to launch our next series of animations: This Thing Called…

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