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Finger-ratio curiosity: A satisfying answer!

So, I posted some curiosities here on the blog. And, got one of them satisfied! Within hours of wondering about how robust the digit-ratio marker is for exposure to androgen in the womb, Ruben Arslan tweeted a link to this … Continue reading

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Things I’m curious about: Finger ratio, and Social Priming

How robust is really that finger-ratio index for testosterone exposure in the womb? I have a daughter (and a mother in law) with very long ring-fingers. Mine are more even (with a tilt towards index finger being longer), there was … Continue reading

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Minding our Children

Sometimes my life as a Lecturer/Researcher and life as a parent collide in, well, interesting ways. The situation I describe here has been resolved (as you will see). Originally I shared part of it on my “shielded from Search” blog, … Continue reading

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Printing the Legend – a follow up

I think I wrung my hands about this before (on either one of my twin blogs), but it is about the use of the canoncial stories in psychology that turn out to be… not quite right.  Although research evidently done … Continue reading

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Goethe on Color

In the teaching I’ll do on theory of science, one of the examples Bem and De Jong uses is an explanation of why chalk is white.  It rests on the idea of light being absorbed or not by the material, … Continue reading

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Ah, twitter twitter twitter, and publishing. And embargos, And other irritants

Twitter – it is like one of those snacks that are healthy but addictive and that really are healthy in small doses, but healthy enought that you can excuse having whole meals made out of it… And, worse, because I … Continue reading

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Semi-automated Hypothesis Generation

I’ve linked in Bradley Voytek’s blog before, and on this topic – big data – now, how do we get hypotheses out of it?  He and his wife are about to publish one such method, and he describes it, and … Continue reading

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Failure – what doesn’t get published in Psychology (for good reason?)

In the comments recently, Sandgroper said that Engineering publishes failures all the time.  I was curious about that, and, pretty much as I thought, the failures are of the Tacoma Bridge type – but I guess not always so spectacular … Continue reading

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Ipad Psychophysics stimulus generator

Via Matt Wall. Downloaded (price is right 😉

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Parents and Peers, and how the hell do we know how to calibrate the effects?

My daughter came in crying last night.  She had bad thoughts she said.  The bed was alrready occupied by her two by now sleeping little brothers, but I let her come in for some hugging.  She had thought about us … Continue reading

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