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Uri Simonsohn – the Social Psychologist fixing Social Psychology

Christian Jarrett linked in this Atlantic interview with Uri Simonsohn. They are all so good at timing! But, an interesting interview with a Social Psychologist who set out to check on some of the more unbelieveable results, and who is … Continue reading

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Sexual Selection Hip Hop style

Hip Hop version of sexual selection

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Writing a paper: intro, and summary of first background paper

I have to write up my research. And, although I’m capable of writing quite nicely at times, Academic writing paralyzes me. At least the initial writing (I’ve become a decent editor). I figure, maybe I can blog about the papers, … Continue reading

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Saddest Movie in the world

Smithsonian had an article about using film as emotion induction.  And, as I have used that, and hope to use that again (and have involved myself with some semioticists who do movies) I just want to link it in here, … Continue reading

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Job Opportunit, Center for Open Science

Some really cool openings for jobs at the Center for Open Science (Brian mentioned that they had gotten money when he presented at last weeks symposium).  

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Replicability – PlosONE gets in on the game

PLOSOne starts a replicability project.

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