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Small world, with interactive graphs

I like network theory and small world and all those Duncan Watts things (And Steven Strogatz). Wish I had the time to get better at it! (My summer is over-booked as it is. One can dream). But, this is a … Continue reading

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Animations: This Thing Called Science

Originally posted on Bridge8:
UPDATE: This series won Best Animation in CSIRO’s Scinema 2013 awards. Scinema is an International Festival of Science Film. In 2013 there were over 300 entries. We’re thrilled to launch our next series of animations: This Thing Called…

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I do Braaaaains too…

I sent this link to my ERP buddy – RT being brain-imaging on the cheap. Usually – when I actually get around to do any research outside all the teaching I do, I do RT (I do Signal detection too. … Continue reading

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Tal Yarkoni’s Neurosynth

Originally posted on Åse Fixes Science:
Tom Hartley flagged this one on Twitter. (I follow Tal also, but don’t always pick up on things – ah, information overload).  For sharing fMRI data – for those who read this who do…

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Some cool videos on perception

Well, like the title.

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Weird Faces

These are just cool. So I link them in. Maybe I’ll think up a way on doing research on them.  Faces are… Weird.

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