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A past crush passes.

When I was eleven, my parents were involved with a school-Theatre Project for my province: Dala-teatern. This meant that we were visited by the actors and the director working on setting this up, having discussion and what not. I was … Continue reading

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2014 reflected in the rearview mirror.

Recency effect strikes. This fall, I felt tired, beleaguered, and inundated with chores, which makes me feel like nothing was accomplished. I got nothing done on my attempt to do a meta-analysis (dormant since may). I had things I wanted … Continue reading

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Minding our Children

Sometimes my life as a Lecturer/Researcher and life as a parent collide in, well, interesting ways. The situation I describe here has been resolved (as you will see). Originally I shared part of it on my “shielded from Search” blog, … Continue reading

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Forever Tonight

Sometimes, perhaps an evening like tonight, still on the light side of the autumn equinox, after some wine, and the discovery of a new music service (tonight it is ”Wimp”, but there’s been the Spotify, and you-tube and Amazon – … Continue reading

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Coding for kids

Just some resources for teaching kids to code. Which, um, I ought to share with my own kids. Coding for Middle School Girls (from Carl Zimmer). How and why teach your kids to code.

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Random Penguins

Warren Ellis lamented on Twitter that the new book company will not be called Random Penguins. Which just made me associate to a couple of years back, when my old grad-school friends occasionally shared penguin clips on face-book. Who knows … Continue reading

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Gravity Hurts – A bionicle interlude

I’m a big Lego fan. I grew up with it. I have memories being three, going with another little 3-year old boy into the bathroom, turning off the lights, and turning on the lego lamp in the little lego house … Continue reading

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LA dreaming

I wanted to write something about the affinity between science and the arts. I argued it in highschool (my favorite subjects were physics, psychology, philosophy and poetry – I didn’t think I could paint yet, thus not making a perfect … Continue reading

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My night at the opera

I went to the opera with my daughter the other day. The Magic Flute. Wolfie Mozart is always nice to listen to (I have his 40’th as my sound-track right now.) But, man, the view on women… I was talking … Continue reading

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Procrastination post….

I’m supposed to be writing.  My actual real research that I designed myself, and had my assistants collect, and that I felt excited about.  And, now I hate it, because now I have to write about it, and sell it, … Continue reading

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