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... because if I'm in a room with a second person, I want to be reasonably sure I'm the crazier one.

Bully for you, Chilly for me: Scientific fame

    Perspectives on Psychological Science published an invited symposium on eminence in psychology, which starts with Robert Sternberg’s Introductory article called “Am I famous yet? Judging Scholarly Merit in Psychological Science: An Introduction ”* As Bobbie Spellman pointed out … Continue reading

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Reflection on Laird and Facial Feedback.

“If the quality of emotional experience is derived from expressive behavior, then, if people were induced to express an emotion, it would be expected that they would subsequently report feeling that emotion” Laird (1974).   When I did my little … Continue reading

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Posing the Face – an overview of early Laird research

Let me start with this link to a lovely blog by Lynneguist on the meaning of Frowns. Because, evidently it varies! I always considered it meaning that you pull your eye-brows down in a somewhat angry expression – frowning … Continue reading

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Blog post on the occasion of Strack Stepper & Martin not replicating, and thoughts about what to do next.

Strack didn’t replicate. STRACK DIDN’T REPLICATE. If you wonder which Strack (which, really, one should as he is prolific), I’m clarifying – it is the one where you stick a pen in your mouth and it makes you think a … Continue reading

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On Brannigan (rise and fall of Social Psych), and Henrich (the secret of our success) and psychological research in general.

When I read David Hull’s ”Science as a process (1988), he reiterated one controversy that I found interesting for Psychology. His area were systematics – how to best classify animals and plants (the stuff of Linnaeus – science is never … Continue reading

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Tracing Strack, the preamble

I’ve started a second trace! A bit to pursue proof of concept, get a feel for extendability. A trace is, after all, a bit like a case study. I’ve selected the Strack, Martin and Stepper (1988). Better known as the … Continue reading

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Tracing Srull & Wyer manuscript

I wrote a manuscript detailing my Srull & Wyer trace (the one I have been blogging about). If anybody cares to read and give some comment, I’d be grateful. At some point I’d like to submit it.

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All references are equal, but should some be treated as more equal than others? On the data-set authorship discussion.

There’s been an interesting discussion on data-sharing and how to properly give credit when you are using someone else’s data on both Facebook and Twitter. Candice and Richard Morey  did a nice blog-post on why sharing data should not automatically … Continue reading

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A longish tl;dr conclusion of Srull & Wyer trace

Social Priming is in the news again. Well, Pashler et al published a critique of a recent money-priming paper, and Neuroskeptic wrote it up. So, I figured I would advertise for my Srull & Wyer trace from last spring, where … Continue reading

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A past crush passes.

When I was eleven, my parents were involved with a school-Theatre Project for my province: Dala-teatern. This meant that we were visited by the actors and the director working on setting this up, having discussion and what not. I was … Continue reading

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