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Donald: Srull and Wyer’s ambiguously hostile character – a reading.

In my Advanced Social Psychology class, the presenting student selected Srull & Wyer’s ”The role of category accessibility in the interpretation of information about persons: Some determinants and implications” as his classic empirical paper. That is the “Donald” paper, ancestor … Continue reading

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Continued musings inspired by the Shanks lecture

Whatever my quibbles with David Shanks, I agree with the main point of his talk, which is a clear demonstration about the problems we face in reliability when more positive than null results are published, and replications end up in … Continue reading

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Attempting to Prime.

Late last millennium, in the limestone clad psychology building on 10th street in Bloomington, I tried to prime. This was a project growing out of the concerns in the Niedenthal lab at the time. She, and all her minions had … Continue reading

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