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On Ekman And Friesen, and methodological critiques.

Jim Coan put out a long post on Negative Psychology the other night. Others can comment and debate the rest of it, but one thing caught my eye, in his defense of perhaps wild, not methodologically sound work that we … Continue reading

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To Sivilise or not to Sivilise

We had a brief exchange on Twitter, James Coyne, Tom Hartley, Helen South, and me, with some comment Keith Laws and Mark Bolstrige on rudeness and civility. Occasion is, of course, the current tribal clash between those who think science … Continue reading

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Are Swedish Universities heading for another “Pisa” collapse – in response to a Swedish Editorial. Consider the teaching.

The other day, there was a somewhat alarmist editorial in one of the Swedish National papers (written by two professors, one here in Lund), considering the state of Swedish Higher Education. There has been some alarmist commentary about its status … Continue reading

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