A bit on snakes, and a snake blog.

I did some never published work on attentional capture and creepy crawly things like Snakes and Spiders. The results were… Inconclusive. (I wrote something about that on my other blog, way back).

Last summer, about this time, I visited Australia (well, I married and Aussie, so half the family lives there), and I got to hear about snakes. I even talked about snakes for the local Rotary, which was actually a hit. (All the attention and snake fear stuff). I got a lot of snake stories from the local cane farmers.

My Mother-in-Law also told about her encounter with a Taipan. And, in the middle of these discussions, she said she had not seen other death adders and the like, but seen tree-snakes who were kind of cute (it was rather amazing to see the shift in her demeanor from discussing the nasty taipans to the sweet tree-snakes).

So, I started thinking about, are we sensitive to snake signaling? I’ve had a preliminary project on that, which is inconclusive but interesting.

But, for this, I have started casting about for snake resources. Because there are lots of snakes, and maybe it matters what snake it is. For some people anyway. Kind of like Snake Affordance.

And, so I look on occasion for resources on snakes (because you cannot look at snake affordance without knowing something about the snakes themselves.) This is one.

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