Random Penguins

Warren Ellis lamented on Twitter that the new book company will not be called Random Penguins. Which just made me associate to a couple of years back, when my
old grad-school friends occasionally shared penguin clips on face-book. Who knows why. We’re all psych grad-school friends, which I think is reason enough.

I was particularly taken by this one by Herzog.

As I seem to balance between a sense of sardonic humor and Litost*, I don’t know if this is kind of funny or poignant. I tend towads poignant.

*According to Oatley, Keltner and Jenkins, page 183, Litost is a Czech word that means the sudden realization of life’s tragic circumstances. I think this is as necessary an emotional word as schadenfreude.

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... because if I'm in a room with a second person, I want to be reasonably sure I'm the crazier one.
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