Diary of a….

It’s Monday,

slither down the greasy pipe, So far so good no one saw you…

Things feel disoriented. Sometimes things are fine, sometimes this is very weird. I hate that I cannot have vague plans for what happens a couple of months from now, because I just don’t know.

Work goes on. Tomorrow we’ll do the ethics committee via Skype. That will be…. Interesting. I’ve summarized my particular cases (that is what we do, each one of us get two to three cases to summarize and validate and give recommendations for). Then we’ll see if we agree.

I had a short zoom meeting last week, which worked very well, but we were only two people. That is about potential doctoral students. Still a bit of work to do on that one.

I also found out that a local conference/hotel/winery that I really like went bankrupt. People stopped scheduling conferences and they just could not handle it. It is a lovely lovely place, and they have also run the restaurants in two other locations in skåne. The restaurants will (temporarily) close, then open with someone else. It actually really bothered me to the point I was having bad dreams about it.

I see a lot of new efforts about doing valuable research on what is happening. I feel too swamped to be part of it, even if I would like to.

Then, I have moments, Like when I’m listening to Daniel Milo’s Good Enough, and it is just so much fun!

Could I just go home and listen to audio-books until June?


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... because if I'm in a room with a second person, I want to be reasonably sure I'm the crazier one.
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