Diary of an Academic in a Pandemic. Tuesday morning.

Overnight, the university decided that anybody that wants to go to on-line teaching can do so.  This is good, because it gives us some choices. When the line was “business as usual” we couldn’t really break rank. (Ok, so some departments did go out early about potentially prepping for on-line, which I think was very good. This switch does take time and a lot of mental energy).

My co-teacher was preparing to lecture via zoom or something similar, because he was not feeling well. Today he has decided to cancel entirely.

I’m suffering from the “what if I threw an online seminar and nobody came” syndrome. Also, how the hell is this going to work? And also a bit of “I don’t want to do this, can’t we all go home and hibernate until it is all over?”

We will have our crisis meeting soon. I’m learning more functionality from Canvas. I wish I had immediate people to discuss my plans with, whether they were reasonable or out in the left field (can I really ask my students to put together small filmed presentations, without any demand of quality, just because my 19 year old daughter has done that effortlessly since she was 14?)

I am also torn with all the other things that are supposed to be done if everything should function well, and an inability to prioritize right now. How important is the ethics committee? Do we have to have a list of top potential doctoral candidates this week, or can we wait a couple of more weeks (and I’m the deciding body here). How half-assed can my new course really be, considering that there is only doctoral students, and they are clever and self-going.  And, what else important am I now forgetting?

I did yoga yesterday. My gym has decided to close all the halls, but those trainers that care to have taken to giving outdoors sessions. I prefer the “Work out doors” anyway, so the past 3 days, I have exercised every day.

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