Where the non-famous are

Well, I, and several others followed up on that Perspectives on psychological science symposium I critiqued in my last blog post.

I got a revise and resubmit, with a very long action letter where I, am others, were asked to show all sorts of things about eminence (are they not better than non-eminent?) or working alone (show that group work is better than solo work).

Well, a bit hard in 1500 words (which is where I edited down my first 5000 word manuscript), but whatever.

Turns out, I wasn’t alone, and actually not alone with what I thought. So, six of us uploaded pre-prints of our papers and shared them with the world here:

Perspectives You Won’t Read in Perspectives: Thoughts on Gender, Power, & Eminence

As we say, they are in the original submission format. If you are interested in one of the reviews for mine, Bobbie Spellman put hers up

I was a reviewer

I originally wrote around 5000 words as a responses, and had to do quite a bit of slashing – perhaps not always as well thought out as one would want (hence, the reviews could be quite helpful). But, before I did the slashing, I saved the long copy, thinking I might post it on the blog once this response symposium was published (whether or not my contribution was there).

I like it better – I have more time to flesh out my ideas (which, true to me, are branching rather than deep diving), although it certainly would also benefit from good feedback.

So, now I will put it up here on the blog (next page). Then we’ll see where we go from here.




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