R-index and p-curve of the Srull & Wyer trace.

I have been continuing playing with the data on the Srull & Wyer (1979) trace. First the R-index

Median FHT
Success Rate Obs. Power Inflation Rate R-Index r(N,d)
All 0,808 0,607 0,201 0,405 -0,510
Sub-set 0,883 0,710 0,173 0,536 0,074
P-App 0,78 0,66 0,12 0,54

For the first two I used Ulrich Schimmach’s Excel-sheet*.The first one uses all the studies (including S & W 1979) that pursue priming. (I leave out the Lord Foti & Devader, because priming didn’t work, and results were left out).

The second is on the subset of studies that I think are directly exending Srull & Wyer.

The last one is the R-index result I got from the subset I used when creating the P-curve on the nice Shiny Apps p-checker.

Which brings me to the P-curve.


Which I got off the P-curve app (before it decided to not work today.). I tried to scrape off the results that test whether priming works (comparing different degrees of priming, or priming with control) – which is not entirely easy to find. Hopefully I haven’t messed up too much.

*(He kindly provided me with some answers to things I didn’t quite understand).

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