2014 reflected in the rearview mirror.

Recency effect strikes. This fall, I felt tired, beleaguered, and inundated with chores, which makes me feel like nothing was accomplished. I got nothing done on my attempt to do a meta-analysis (dormant since may). I had things I wanted to blog about, but didn’t find the time and energy. I started to learn R, but stopped once the semester kicked in. I have yet to learn Bayesian statistics in even a rudimentary way.

Perhaps it is not a recency effect, but rather some kind of emotional overshadowing that makes me feel like I accomplished nothing. Perhaps I just need to spell out what was accomplished.

This is the first fall since 2012 that I haven’t had a brand new course to prep. Advanced theory and practice of science was run for the third time. Still needs some tweaking, but is a functioning course, and I had a good time with the new batch of international masters students.

My Evolutionary Psychology class came up for the second time. I spent time adjusting/rewriting the lectures from the first time, but I ended up having a group of students so fantastic, so enthusiastic, so interactive, I barely made it through half the lectures. They worked incredibly hard, and mostly aced materials that is rather complex (the main book really is a bit too difficult, although we have supplemented with a more intro level book).

The marketing psychology course is always fun, and it was fun again.

The two first courses are taught in English, and there are a lot of international students. This is in part very rewarding, but also in part very exhausting. I have an unfinished blog-post about the trials and tribulations of the cross-cultural. Just trying to deal with everybody’s expectations (which invariably vary), disseminating information about how we do it in Lund, which actually becomes information (as in, lodging in their brains so they know what to expect), and not just words words words and paper and other things to ignore.

I’m learning, but I think it will always take time. My next mission (already begun), making it abundantly clear to the University that this cool internationalization thing, as cool and wonderful as it is, can’t be done for free, or on the good will (and time) of the lecturers and the our administrative staff. (Maybe this is why I’m tired).

I signed up for the Many Labs 2. Which required an ethics review in Sweden. Which costs 5000 SEK to do. Which I asked for in one of our internal grants in February. And was granted in May. Phew.

Once I got back from Australia, I started slogging through our ethics application. Thankful for the pre-registration and the prepared Qualtrics forms. No, I don’t like doing this anymore than any of you do either. It took a long time, and then it had to be copied in 17 ex (paper). I hand delivered them, late September. Next meeting for the ethics committee was 11th November. (Next time, I will have to adjust my schedule better).

Meanwhile, my assistant, and an academic friend spent a lot of time translating the texts to Swedish. Oskar did the rough, Anna the fine (she is a professional) with all the issues about having the texts sound Swedish, but not deviate too much from the original meaning. I did rough back-translations.

Ethics had complaints about my consentform (the wording of it), so final approval was not in before end of November. I was now very stressed, because our deadline for collecting at least 80 participants was December 15.

We made it. Vast majority online (we got 4 persons in the lab – lab participation is always more difficult here, with no regular participant pool).

Phew. I guess everyone is having a break, because I have not heard from Rick. I think we deserve it.

I also had a couple of meetings with our cross-disciplinary/cross-national film group, which were just wonderful. Now comes next step – creating some work out of all our meetings.

Oh, yeah, my paper in “Music and the Moving Image” is now in Press (will appear this spring). It was more or less invited as it belonged to a workshop we had spring 2013, but peer-reviewed.

Come to think of it, the year began with me getting two co-authored papers accepted. I’m fairly low on the author list, as this was work done by my one and only doctoral student, so he is first author.

Actually, the spring was much less exhausting than fall, now that I’m going back through memory. Apart from not turning in that application to possibly get “excellent teacher” status (blinded by the reflection), I had an absolutely excellent social psychology course. We added a feature this time. Students have always been asked to do a short lecture on selected chapters, and to include a couple of original papers in that lecture. This time they specifically were asked to look at the methods and statistics. What did the effect size say? Was the sample size- big enough to answer the question they asked? Really really changed the quality of the discussions (they have always been fun).

And, yes, worked on learning to do meta-analyses. Not quite there yet, but it is coming together for that particular paper I want to do.

In the summer we took off for Australia for six weeks, which was absolutely excellent. I re-read David Hull’s science as a process. Just so interesting, especially in light of the kerfuffles surrounding reproducibility that happened during spring. I have intended to blog about it, but just could not find the time during the fall.

I have no resolutions for the next year, because I’m too old for that. (OK, maybe making sure I am nice). I hope to get the meta-analysis in shape, and to embark on a more ambitious one. I should really do the excellent teacher application. More work on the film stuff (Our Kuleshov paper got a revise and resubmit. Need to work on the new stuff).

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