Let’s start with some Lakatos

Åse Fixes Science

This is the second fall that I have taught theory of science to the masters students. And, as this is more an avocation than the center of what I’m supposed to research (but I am always interested in the periphery), it takes me quite a bit of work to  prepare for the lectures, and I have loads more to learn. Which, well, I like. I like theory of science. I like thinking about how we know things, and whether we really can know these things – boring into the mysteries.

So, for this year, I first went through all the Meehl lectures, which was wonderful.

One of my buddies (who is taking the class) started likening me bringing up Meehl to “and by the way, Carthage should be destroyed”.

I also, actually, actively listened through Kuhn’s “Structure of scientific revolution”. Well, I got a horrible cold, so I figured…

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