Innocent Blue Eyes

Early in the year I blogged on Karel Kleisner et al’s paper on eye-color and trustworthiness. I was very happy when two of my very talented masters-students decided they wanted to pursue the question for a Social psychology project. I was even happier when Karel Kleisner agreed to share stimuli with us – in fact setting up the data-collection files with pictures from their data-base, with us providing the Swedish text. The data are interesting. Not quite evidence for Mere Exposure, though, but possibly something more messy, because the Swedes did rate the faces somewhat differently. We are in the process of writing up the results (Dr. Kleisner invited us to collaborate, as he is looking at additional populations, and we were happy to accept). I think this is very exciting.

And, just the other day, Gad Saad wrote up Kleisner et al’s original work for his Psychology Today blog. As he says, there is plenty more to look at here!

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