I do Braaaaains too…

I sent this link to my ERP buddy – RT being brain-imaging on the cheap.

Usually – when I actually get around to do any research outside all the teaching I do, I do RT (I do Signal detection too. And, way too many likert scales). Last fall, my ERP buddy and me adviced some advanced students on an – you guessed it – ERP project. Faces from all over the place, adjectives that were warm or cold, recall. Well. It didn’t quite end up being what we had originally planned it to be (some 3 years ago, when the person I wanted as my phd student didn’t get accepted, and moved to slovenia, where he is now in a phd program. Sob). So, I will have to do this again. Now, I don’t really do ERP, so I had to read up on it (which was fun, because I could recall my old high-school physics). And, I watched my students run subjects. It is clear that when I do this again, I still have to do it with someone who does ERP regularly, because I just can’t put in the time to acquire this too. My ERP buddy usually introduces ERP as RT for the 21’th century (he may have gotten that from Steven Luck, who wrote the book we used to read up on it). So, I’m just pleased with the notion that RT is brain-imaging of the 20th century.

We particularly enjoy that one voxel.

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