Things I may do 2013 – besides teaching.

Now, what would I like to do next year?

A few things – I have data for a couple of papers to write up, although for one of them the results feel so wobbly. Maybe I try to get some more data, now that I have finally (after 8 years, and some good help) gotten a participant pool at our department. Boy, was that long in coming, and hard, and sometimes discouraging, but now it is here!

And, write up the collaborated data (and do a better grant application this time).

Work with the emotion group.

One thing I really want to get is a morph-measure. I have ideas. It isn’t new, of course (and I have publications with morphs – as a lowly grad student), but it just needs to be better explored. I think I have collaborators for this.

Some of my collaborators do movies. And, I have done movies to induce emotion. This is a good place for doing something cross disciplinary!

The snake survey – the things Australia inspires me to do.

Learn to do a meta-analysis. I have an idea.

Bayesian statistics. Yes. That’s the ticket.

Well, I’ll see next year what I accomplished. I hate new year’s resolutions, and never do them. But, just having some of the ideas out there….

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... because if I'm in a room with a second person, I want to be reasonably sure I'm the crazier one.
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