2012, Summary

Last day of 2012 (already tomorrow in Australia of course).  Alice wrote what she has accomplished on the joint blog she started (and that I’m pleased to be part of).  I usually feel like I have accomplished nothing, because nothing got into print.  Pessimists r us.  Then again, maybe I should try to list what I have done. A month ago, I made an impromptu to-do list on my iphone, and rushed through tasks, and as I sat down and though I had gotten nothing done, again, I looked at what I had crossed off.  Hmmm.  Something got done.

So, what did I do, 2012?

I started with having a masters student successfully defending his paper (or whatever it is called, it was done, and he got his degree, and is now about to become a licenced psychologist). Interesting research done in Thailand. No real results. Until, um, I discovered I had done a miscalculation. Now there are. Affected lots of other stuff I have not submitted yet. Still, there are results. Weak, but results.

I started the blog Åse Fixes Science. It was supposed to be a bit of an inside thing, where I posted links (and commented on) issues having to do with the problems science is facing right now.  It was triggered by the Diederik Stapel affair. I took it personally. I’m but a lesser voice, but I find this very interesting. This blog has been online since 2010.

Oh, we did submit a paper – that we got back – then submitted elsewhere. No word on that, though.

I went to a conference in Canterbury. Emotion conference. Very good. I was the only one from my university. Met some interesting people. Being introverted though…

Created yet another doctoral level course. This was easy work though as it was a “reading” course. All I had to do was pick some of the literature, and read their papers.

I went to Australia with the family.

I got seriously involved in the startup of our new international masters (in part because I wanted getting out of having lectures and grading in multiple courses, in part because I wanted to teach in English, in part because I just need new interesting things to teach). The introductory course is part philosophy of science, part the practice of science. The philosophy part is not new, except part of it was new to me as I haven’t lectured in it earlier. Took me a month to create the lectures and seminars, and it is still just the first pass.  Needs polishing and trimming.  The practice consisted of day-labs and a project. Science boot camp! Eight 8-hour laboratory sessions from 8 different researchers, having the students try the craft of research. I sent them out doing field studies in one of them.  In the other, they learned to set up their very own experimental program using e-prime. Most of them had never set up a program like that before. Went amazingly well all of it, considering that it was the first time, and we have never done anything like it before.

I then got some time to write. Not to publish level, but some thing to write.

Got a teensy bit more involved in the reproducibility project – just as someone that contributes minorly.

Started up our Emotion network again – thanks to some really great students.

And, a project I have been involved with got some data, which actually looks good!  Yay.

More masters students, who were supposed to do this project that was just about ready, but it wasn’t, and it changed, and it was good, but not what I really wanted. Oh, well.

Geeking out more with stats, and modeling, but not enough. And reading.

Hmmmm…. Not sure how accomplished that is, actually.  I should stop creating so many courses! (But, it is kinda fun, thinking up what new neat stuff we just have to teach the new students!).

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