Ah, twitter twitter twitter, and publishing. And embargos, And other irritants

Twitter – it is like one of those snacks that are healthy but addictive and that really are healthy in small doses, but healthy enought that you can excuse having whole meals made out of it…

And, worse, because I know no food really that will do that.

Twitter, for me, is really my personalized science news-feed.  A geek and nerd and dork feed.  Personalized just for me.  I follow some great and wonderful people, who feed me with interesting blogs and papers and debates, and occasionally chat with me (fine that it isn’t that much, as I’m the kind of person who lurks in a corner at parties, just watching).

And, oh, how many good articles and posts that get thrown my way. I e-mail myself with these, so I can read them later, or blog them, or, when there are new interesting papers, get the pdf’s or at least skim them.

Which leads me to the irritant. Because, lots of times I can’t get them. They are published like, two weeks from now, and when I log in with my university login, wouldn’t you know, it isn’t easy access. Maybe no access at all. Unless I want to pay for a paper what I pay for an edited book (which I frequently ask the library to do anyway).

I actually complained about it. Or, rather, I requested the journal I had no access to, and got the response that, oh, we have that package, but we have an 18 month embargo…

Gah. Gah gah gah. And, it wasn’t like I was ready to cite this paper, or needed it desperately for what I am working on (reminds me, I need to be working on my papers). But, it could be, and this is a news feed for me, and I would like to check the original articles.

And, I figure the authors would like me to do so too.

And, here it is not open access. Unless the library decides to pay for it, very dearly. Yes, the publishers need some money, but, hey, the researchers and the peer reviewers do the materials for free!

Oh, I follow this more seriously on my sister blog. But, it is an irritant. THere is something new and interesting just published, AND I CAN’T READ THE ORIGINAL RESEARCH!

Well, I think something will change. Or, I may be biased, because I’m now running with the crowd that is irritated by the pay-walls. But, man, my starred g-mail is now overflowing, waiting for issues to be released so I can legitimately get to some research that by then I will possibly think, huh, why did I want to read that?

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