Creative destruction – emerging new business models.

Brian Solis tweeted this TechDirt post on business-model changing rather than protection.

My piracy days were short, pre official internet (mixed-tapes, anyone), and I think I have since acquired the albums both once or twice in different formats. Napster was never my thing (I realized it would have been, had I been younger).  I’m fine buying things on silver-colored disks.

But, I did realize, slowly (who knows when? In the debates with my students in my marketing psychology course?) that the issue was not all of the issues that were brought up.  It was a business model that needed to be changed. Which I’m fairly certain some economist or other also planted in my brain.

That is pretty much the gist of that post, which is railing against someone wanting protections placed on intellectual property.

My vague thoughts for a while has been that academic publishing/academic research is facing something similar.  It used to be that the best and most reliable way to disseminate research was through journals, which you then subscribed to, or your library did, and you copied articles.  (I mean, that is fairly recent.  I still did that for the back-ground work on my dissertation, which was done 2002). 

It may also be the case of education.  And, perhaps of at least some science.  What the new models will be, I don’t know.  It is both grand, and scary, and I predict more shouting in the future from those that did well under the old order.  (Hey, I’d even bet on that, and I’m hyper risk-averse).


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