Ed Yong. Nature. Psychology.

Ed Yong summarizes the current problems in psychology in this Nature article.  (Ed is of course the writer of the blog “not exactly rocket science” which is a great science blog).  The graph of positivity bias is a bit…embarrasing.  But then, not surprising (to someone who as loads of unpublished hard to interpret data-sets lingering on her hard-drive, and is struggling with a current batch of interesting but kind of scruffy results and wondering if anybody will accept them in any journal – but enough about me).  

Razib Khan blogged the paper (as has many others – plus myriad retweets of course), and added his observation of ideological bias, that likely impacts at least part of psychology.  (And, he brings up Jonatan Haidt’s critique there also, which is one I agree with).  Now, I don’t think the political bias is important in some areas of psychology (like the stuff I did on face-processing for my dissertation), but is evident in other areas, and probably most evidently areas in Social Psychology (well – of the areas that I’m involved with that is).  




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