Procrastination post….

I’m supposed to be writing.  My actual real research that I designed myself, and had my assistants collect, and that I felt excited about.  And, now I hate it, because now I have to write about it, and sell it, and it seems everybody else does it so much better than me and haven’t they found this already, and better?  And how can I write readably.  Gah.  So I read this on Scientific writing.  Which I think is fun.

And apt.

The dullness of sci writing always bothered me – being the short-story/poetry writing child of Swedish teaching parents (that is – they actually taught how to do that writing part RIGHT).  So many dull writers in science.

Someone on twitter thought one should keep the purple prose to ones memoirs.

But purple is so pretty.  Sure.  It is the damned SUBSTANCE that is supposed to make you ooh and aah.  It is supposed to be pretty on the inside (No, I actually never listened to Courtney Love).  But… you know… both social psych and ev psych show pretty conclusively that beauty sells and is only in the eye of the already in love beholder. 

So write lovely.  Write like David Hull. Seduce with your language.

Now, I feel even more ugly, alas.



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... because if I'm in a room with a second person, I want to be reasonably sure I'm the crazier one.
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